Acknowledging Tradition, Embracing Progression




Evolution Office Group. Acknowledging tradition, embracing progression.

About Us

Our company was incorporated in 1982 and traded for many years as Croydon Computer Supplies Ltd. In 2007, to celebrate our 25th anniversary, the company changed its name to ‘Evolution Office Supplies Ltd’. In 2015, we joined together with ‘Flying Stationers’ to become the ‘Evolution Office Group’ we are today. Our name ‘Evolution’ was chosen not only to reflect the ever broadening range of services and products we offer, but also our ethos of forward thinking and development outright.

We believe that our understanding and experience of the ever changing requirements of the continually evolving office has been the reason for our longevity and success. We aim to continually be a dependable, genuine and mindful supplier which always offers personable and professional service. We acknowledge and respect where we have originated from, but continue to strive to excellence by embracing the constant evolution of modern commerce.