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Toner Recycling


Evolution never stops – Don’t forget your Corporate and Social Responsibilities


We all see the term “eco-friendly” everywhere, and we all have an understanding that we must treat our planet kindly in order to see its continued evolution. Every business in the UK has a Corporate and Social Responsibility to fulfil, but did you realise just how easy that can be?

At Evolution Office Group, we are fully committed to, and compliant with the ‘WEEE’ Directive laid down by the EU in 2003. This commits us to ensuring safe disposal of all Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment. We try to do our part as required morally, and by law. Our mindful attitudes encouraged us to implement the process by which we offer to dispose of any old office machinery you may have, in coherence with the WEEE Directive, when you purchase a replacement from us.

We continue this environmentally aware perspective through our transport as well. We have invested in the latest delivery vehicles to minimise our carbon footprint and reduce fuel consumption through inefficient engines.

By using our own staff to carry out the majority of our deliveries, we can ensure sensible packaging on all deliveries, minimising our enviromental impact. Furthermore, we can collect, then either reuse or recycle any old packaging you may have when we deliver new products to you.